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My name is Julie Peck.  I am an energetic and approachable person, who is detail orientated.  When it became time for a career change, I wanted something I was passionate about, that my learning would continue, but yet still provide the power of knowledge to my clients thru education and first hand experience.


I have always had a desire to get involved in any activity on the go.  This commonly resulted in a renovation or building project whether home or away (a public school in Antigua, as part of the Canadian Navy).  All the while gaining knowledge, satisfaction, confidence and skills that lead me to purchase, and extensively renovate my 100+ year old home, myself, with a the help of a few friends.


I am a graduate of Humber College “Home Inspection” program achieving honours.  This program featured courses in Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC (Heating and Ventilation), Building Structures, and Building Science (I found most interesting).


I am a WETT Certified Inspector.  I can inspect your wood burning appliances (wood and pellet stoves and fireplaces) for code compliance.  I have also taken a NSCC course “Air Conditioning and Refrigeration”, and entrepreneur training with Memorial University.  Peck Home Inspections is independently owned.


I had the opportunity to mentor with a former Building Inspector for HRM (Halifax Regional Municipality) for 3˝ years.  During this time, he passed on his vast knowledge, which I bring to each inspection.


During our inspection, which you are strongly encouraged to participate in, I will try to remove the surprise out of your new home and show you some ways to maintain it.   With your report, you are provided with a reference book that contains some general information, specifically compiled for you and common areas of concern.  This information has been collected over the years by The National Research Council (NRC) and made more reader friendly by CMHC.  Peck Home Inspections has the permission to distribute the information.  I also include any financial incentives to help you make your home a little more Green, with tips and tricks that may help you save with the cost of energy to run your home.


At present the Home Inspection industry is not licensed.  This has created inconsistent standards and levels of service within the industry.  I am a Registered Inspector with the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI – Atlantic) that have Standards of Practice, and a Code of Ethics I follow.  I believe as a member of this professional association, will aid your confidence that you are getting the best information for your dollar, and peace of mind.  That is what I am about.


I look forward to meeting you,



Julie Peck, RHI

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