Questions to consider before hiring a Home Inspector



-How long have you been in the business and what is your previous background?

            A:  I began training in 2006 while transitioning from the military (Navy).  I had the opportunity to mentor with a former HRM building inspector for 3 Ĺ years.  I have been inspecting full time since 2009.  My background is renovation for my own use.  I have successfully renovated a 100+ year old home, and portions of others.

-Why should I hire you?

            A:  I aim to provide you with a thorough, interactive opportunity to get to know your home and its systems.  I am a Registered Home Inspector (RHI) and member of the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI Ė Atlantic).  I am qualified to inspect your wood burning appliances (WETT Certified Ė visual).  I regularly investigate and upgrade my knowledge base (Memorial University, NRCAN, NSCC etc).


-What is the difference between an inspector who is part of an organization or association?

            A:  An inspector who is part of an organization or association has met and continues to meet a current standard within the organization or association.  Only home inspectors in BC and Alberta are required to be licensed.  Change is in progress within other provinces.  I strongly support a certification / licensing standard in the industry.

 -Can I accompany you during the inspection?

            A: I strongly encourage it.  It will help to provide a visual memory of the topics we discuss and refer to in your report.

 -How long will the inspection take?

            A:  I usually spend about 2 - 2 Ĺ hours on site, depending on the size of the home, age and a few other factors.  I will put together your report and photos, then sit and discuss your report.  This usually takes about an hour.  Your questions are welcome.  I donít mind.

 -Can I choose my own home inspector, or do I have to go with who is recommended?

            A: Yes, you can choose your own home inspector, I am part of your home buying team, I represent your interests.

 -How much will it cost?

A:  The price ranges between $300 and $500 within the area.  The cost is often based on qualifications, experience in the field, and customer service.

 -Is the inspection mandatory?

            A:  No, your Mortgage, insurance provider or additional source may request one conducted.  I do recommend an inspection to identify defects, help prevent unexpected surprises (maintenance or systems approaching life expectancy) so they can be budgeted for.


-Will my home fail?

            A:  Almost every home has an owner.  I provide you with the condition of your potential new home and systems.  You determine if renovations or upgrades will suit you and your familyís lifestyle and budget.  Every home requires maintenance.

 -Is there a guarantee or warranty?

            A:  Your inspection is a visible, non-destructive inspection (I donít have x-ray vision).  I report on only what I see at the time and date of the inspection. I may see a past repair or potential concern, but canít tell you if your basement will leak during the next rainstorm.  Your inspection is not guarantee or warranty.

 -Do I have to sign something before I begin?

            A: Upon agreement to the date and time of the inspection, you will be asked to sign a contract, which we review together, to ensure we both are familiar with what to expect from your inspection.

 -Do you have any references?

            A:  Absolutely, they will be provided upon request.

 -Are you insured?  And what does that really mean to me?

            A:  Yes, I carry Errors & Omissions insurance

 -What if I have a question after the inspection?

            A:  Please feel free to contact me, if your report does not answer your question.


 I look forward to hear from you soon.       


Julie Peck, RHI -CAHPI - Atlantic

Peck Home Inspections

(902) 422-2545